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binoculars repair

gatordjwgatordjw Tampa, FLPosts: 1 Greenhorn
I have an old pair of binoculars that was left to me by my grandpa.  They are Minolta 10 x 50 Standard EZ.  They have to be 15-20 years old and relatively good condition for their age.  They have some superficial cracks in the casing and appear to be pretty dirty behind the lenses.  Anyone know of a good shop that will clean and repair them?  I was also considering buying a pair of vortex diamondback 10 x 50  if it would be better for me on the price.  


  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,986 Captain
    think your "fix" is a new pair of binoculars - but I'll be watching this thread - I'd like to be pleasantly surprised to find out that anyone fixes anything these days....
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  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,481 Officer

    I once had a guest aboard my boat that apparently dropped a pair of high quality (In the 1970's) Pentax binoculars and cracked one of the prisms while both my wife & myself were Scuba diving. He of course denied ever touching them while we were underwater. I took them apart and managed to order a replacement prism and repaired them myself. It wasn't easy getting the new prism aligned perfectly, so you would see only one image.

    There is a place on US1 in Palmetto Bay that advertises camera repair, but I believe the cleaning and possible repair would far exceed the value of the binoculars unless you want to restore them for sedimentle reasons.


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  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,512 Captain
    In my younger years I worked @ Bell and Howell repairing cameras and projectors and we had a couple of people there that could repair binoculars.  Like The Cat's Eye I've fixed mine when I dropped them and they were seeing a double image.  I would call camera repair shops and ask.
  • Bsmith48Bsmith48 Posts: 165 Deckhand
    Try Suddarth Optical.  They are great.  Talk to Corey.


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