Inshore fishing report 3/1 -3/15 (shaking things up!)

What's up everybody! My name is Shea and I'm new to this section of the Florida Sportsman forum. I've noticed this forum is lacking in some areas compared to the Southeast section of the forum, where I'm originally from. Not enough reports and not much other quality activity going on here for people looking for the hot bite. I'm here to shake things up a bit. 
The fishing is good right now for the inshore species. Water temps are still hovering around the low 60's but on sunny days the bite is on fire. Look to fish an incoming tide and either target deeper cuts with good current or shallow muds flats with oyster bars that are getting heated up by the sun.  Both of these places are going to have the warmer water temps and food that the trout and redfish are looking for.  I fished west Levy Bay and east Wakulla Beach a few times over the last few weeks and caught slot reds and a few keeper size trout all on either Egret Baits Voodoo shrimp when fishing heavy current or Savage Gear shrimp when I need to go weedless on oyster beds. With the heavy rain rolling in the water will probably be a bit dirty so finding the clean water will be a struggle. I fish from a Kaku Wahoo 12.5' kayak, which means I'm not going far to find fish and neither do you. 
Also! Let me know if any of you guys are dialing in and targeting black drum. I'm still trying to get my first and I need some help. Thanks for reading


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    Good report. Welcome to the N W
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
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    Thanks for coming on. We do need some input on the fishing side.

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    Yeah! Welcome to NW Forum!
    God, save the South!
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    Thanks for coming on. We do need some input on the fishing side.
    It's turkey season, who has time to fish?  ;)
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