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Friday Fishing Plans

Since it was warming up last week I decided to take this Friday off to do some flats fishing.  Each year I get tired of fishing canals and docks.  I was planning on fishing the flats between Weedon island and maybe north towards the howard franklin.

The cold front is messing up my plans, do you think its worth flats fishing friday or should I focus on more canals and backwaters where the water might be warmer?

I was hoping to target redfish.


  • fordmag84fordmag84 Bradenton, Fl Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    It looks like the barometer is going to plunge by sat, Friday should start warming up, if you go early start deep and move shallow as the sun gets higher. Sunday, I think it's gonna be of the hook(pun intended). Watch the tides, new moon is coming, barometric pressure dropping , you should do fine.  Flats on high tide can be tough, look at sat. maps, of the area you're fishing, look for ambush points like potholes, oyster bars, and mangroves later. Hit the points. 
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