Tarpon Attack

21 Feb 2018...Wabasso South...Made the first stop at Hole In The Wall, couple of pops, but no hook ups.  Next stop the spoil islands, Dolphin an absolute pain.  3 short Trout and a pair of small Jacks.  Head back into Grand Harbor, boat wakes a bit too much.  Ladyfish and short Snook in the ditch.  Past the Golf Cart Bridge, nothing but more short Snook and Jacks.  On the way out, a pair of Dolphin were on a high speed run to the back, were throwing a pretty good wake.  Cross to the Estuary, not looking good.  Into the Tween area, small Ladyfish and Jacks.  Working about 3 feet off of the Mangroves with a Broken glass MirrOdine, hoping for Trout.  Hard thump and the fun begins, a barely legal Snook.  Release and get on with the day.  Johns Island, water moving hard, pitch the Baby Vudu between 2 pilings.  Tap, easy lift and bring in a Legal Sheepshead, release and continue.  Back in the ditch, still hoping to turn a Trout,Working tight to the Mangroves, spot a small Tarpon feeding, bad short cast, hooked another Big Snook, no Tarpon.  Work back out to the islands, pick up a Rat Red.  Move into a canal, never know what lies under the front dock.  Pitching the Baby Vudu with about 10 feet of line, light tap, easy lift for the hook set.  Swims off easy, thinking big Sheepshead.  First jump, small Tarpon, next jump right at the boat, third jump in the boat.  Hit me chest high, not much fun trying to get a handle on a really green fish.  Same thing happened a couple of years ago, almost in the same spot.  Rolled another big Snook and got another Rat.  12 Snook to the boat plus 1 for the day.  Head for home, stop at the cut before the high rise bridge.  Slow today, another Rat and a second Sheepshead.  Small Snapper are starting to make a showing.


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    Awesome day and a great report. 
    "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen."
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