This year not as many vendors with the economy good thought
 would be better.Go every year and this was the worst .We get free
 tickets so good not paying to get in.What did you think?


  • HooganHoogan Posts: 522 Officer
    I felt the same way, not as many vendors and lots of outdated rods and reels, I usually cover the whole place but this year after a few isles I was done, I realized I get much better deals thru the web, cheaper and new, even terminal tackle, and I find exactly what I need at my fingertips. These days rod blanks are light, strong and sensitive, all that trolling gear and hundreds of large lever drag reels and  IGFA class rods, they even had an incredibly amazing fighting chair, my first thought... short of a Black Marlin or a Giant Bluefin, these days we can catch just about anything on a smaller two speed level drag with braid on a Kevlar/Carbonfiber stick. Just saying...
  • PreacherMan14PreacherMan14 Posts: 39 Greenhorn
    I had a great time and found some great buys. Went home with a bag full of stuff for cheaper than I find it on Amazon. Plus, it was gorgeous!!! Pretty tough to beat drinking a beer, looking at fishing stuff, and hanging with friends.
  • baccaracbaccarac Posts: 63 Greenhorn
     Three years ago the market was sold from an individual to a company.  Young lady that runs the show now with the company was the individuals daughter that sold it which I actually went on a date with her a few times.   A lot of my childhood friends had work the flea market for 20 years  until  they sold it . So  needless to say the markets not what it was for me but it seems like over the last two or three or four years that there's gotten to be more and more arts and crafts and less fishing equipment and boating equipment. Use to be able to go and get my staple hooks weights leader  basically my main bulk stuff for fishing 100 days a year and save even over the Internet but that doesn't seem to be the way for the case anymore. Hope to see much more fishing equipment in the future but I don't know what's going to change.
  • triplejstriplejs Posts: 199 Deckhand
    I must admit I was disappointed. As with the comments above, lots of outdated gear and no real good deals.  I did buy some stuff like jigs and some lead but overall not impressed.  I went to Pompano this year and could have gotten everything I needed there also.  Hope this is not the end of a good show and that it can bounce back next year.
  • miamihurricane34miamihurricane34 Posts: 129 Deckhand
    It really depends on what you are looking for.  I had bought two of these Tigress rod holders from West Marine for $85.00 a piece (https://www.westmarine.com/buy/tigress--premium-rod-holders--P019_570_001_547?recordNum=8), but had not installed them yet.  I found a guy selling the exact same rod holders new in the box at the flea market for $20 a piece, so I picked up four of them.  Someone else had Taco clampon rod holders for $10, brand new in the package.  I picked up 4 of these.  I found a charged fire extinguisher for $5.  A few rod holder inserts for $2 a piece.  100 7/0 circle hooks for $12.00.  I bought a rod holder for my center outrigger for $35 brand new in the package.  They also had tigress release clips for $5 each, which was a steal.  
    Another guy had the 9" bubba blades for $35.00, those are $55.00 at Bass Pro.

  • JoseGJoseG Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Lots of junk and art, old fishing gear.

    I was able to find outrigger bases wedges for $1. 

    I bought some snapper jigs, a rod and reel, a decent deal, nothing crazy
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