Offshore Venice, 3/1

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    The details seem to be missing.
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    Maybe no details because no fish?
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    No Idea **** happened!!  Sorry it took so long to correct. Went offshore fishing with Capt. Joe Miller out of Venice, FL. With AJ's and Gag grouper closed, we had red grouper and snapper on the list of targets. We first ran North for about 10 miles before heading out into about 110' of water. After a quick bait stop at a bait spot on the way out, we dropped lines down. We soon had fish on, some lane snapper, short red grouper and one or two red grouper that made it into the box. With winds predicted to pick up, Capt. Joe kept us in the 105' to 110' of water, this meant that we would have to go thru quite a few smaller fish before we could limit out on the red grouper. The third spot he hit soon put four 13# red grouper in the box, after that we moved around all day looking for hungry fish. We put over a dozen porgies and maybe a dozen lane snapper on ice as well as a few nice sized mangrove snapper before we finally got our limit of red grouper in the afternoon. I landed and released a FAT gag grouper of about 25# and we found none of the scamp grouper that would have added to our limit. All in all, a FINE day out on the water with a bunch of fun characters. We all went home with a heavy bag of grouper fillets and a smaller bag of snapper and porgies. 
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    Thanks for the report! Happy to hear that the bite is picking up...Wish we didnt have to run that far out to find keepers though. 
    Usually it gets better in the summer. Usually 70+ FOW then.
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