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385ci Kayak Kit

CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
I just purchased the kayak kit and 385 ci...

The place I am installing my FF/GPS formerly held a flushmounted rodholder and the opening is 1/14" across ( too large for the included grommet) My work around was to drill out a rubber beaker/bottle stopper and hopefully pass the wires through, using the rubber stopper to make the seak to the kayak hull......)

My dilema is that I will have to route the transducer wire through a super narrow opening that neither the transducer itself or the head unit connector will pass through.

Does humminbird make a connector "kit" or clip that I could use to reattach the head connector clip if I were to snip off the factory connector, route the wire through the narrow opening I have, then recconnect the transducer connector clip-plug that would attach to the unit head?

OR is this just a bad idea and I should find another solution?


  • CajunRichCajunRich Posts: 262 Officer
    A, I took a hobby exacto knife and cut a very small hole in my kayak and welded it back after the wire was ran. I was advised not to cut that wire.
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    Rich, that was my gut thought as well....but wanted to ask.
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    Here's the space I have to use.


    The Center Hole is 1/14 across - The smaller screw holes will be fulled by rubber plugs spiked w marine sealant, so no worries there :)

    The larger will be filled, Im thiking, w a2 holed rubber plug ( Like a beaker stop ) feeding the wires through the holes in the stopper. If a cut and splice will not work, I may bore out one of the stopper holes to accomodate the transducer connector then back fil it by inserting a rubber grommet on the wire and utilizing some more marine silicone to fill the gap in the plug.....not ideal, but should keep wake/ splash water out of the hull....

    Any ideas on how to seam this gap with the power and transducer wires runing up through them would be appreciated :)
  • FrisbeeFrisbee Posts: 2,314 Captain
    slitting the stopper depthwise to the hole would be my choice..yeah I know an OLD thread but I am trying to research Humminbird gps/ff combos and this was one of the threads.
    What did you do and Pics?
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    I used a clamshell adapter from West Marine. Took tghe slit idea and encapsulated it into a form fitting shell that bolted to the deck. I then Built up the base by stenciling the base of the unit on a poly cutting board. Used a 2" Hollow bit to drill through the build up to accomodate the clamshell as it would not fit under the humminbird base. Marime sealed it all in - Came out nice !
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