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Cast nets on kayak

jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,343 Moderator

Inspired by this thread: http://forums.floridasportsman.com/discussion/254909/first-cast-net-recommendations#latest

I am curious to know who here uses a cast net on the kayak for catching bait (pilchards). I'm curious what a good size is because I'd like to learn how to use one. Although, to be honest, it might be challenging for me since I use a Revo13 which is a bit on the skinny/tippy side of the Hobie lineup.

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  • YakNPompYakNPomp Posts: 227 Deckhand
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    Hey Chris... I've been learning in my backyard using techniques that Steve @kayakerinkeywest uses. He's got a playlist on his YouTube channel for cast nets that helped me out a lot. He explains how to throw from a kayak standing or sitting and all the nets he's got and why.

    Being able to stand is pretty important. I'm learning to throw my 7' from my outback but I imagine on a revo you would have to stick with a smaller 4' net you can throw from the seated position. He's got videos on all this stuff...

  • AaronCannonAaronCannon Pinellas County Posts: 932 Officer
    I can toss a 7ft while standing on a cuda 14.  Its interesting.
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  • cprcpr Posts: 9,301 Admiral
    I bring a cheap 6 footer most of the time. Winter Is a shrimp and jig time. I just have a flow-thru for storage. I find the bait, greenbacks or pins, get out toss and dump the bait on my seat area. Clean up the seat and go.
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  • skankin pickleskankin pickle Posts: 62 Deckhand
    i have a 6' and 5' that i throw off my stealth 12. both do the trick well. i throw the 6' mostly since it's a little heavier and sinks quicker.
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  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,343 Moderator
    Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I'm going to buy a 5 or 6 footer to start practicing.
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  • inshore daveinshore dave Posts: 563 Officer
    I'm learning from the same video's that yaknpomp  is learning from. Steve has it down to a science and of all the video's I've seen his looks like the easiest off the kayak. Of course it's gonna be easier for me doing it off the PA14.
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