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    I have one angler from Europe that long ago asked for some big flies for Giant trevally over on the east side of Africa.

     This basic big tarpon pattern filled the bill in red/black, fl. green/black, fl. green/white (shown...), and every other color you can imagine - all on stout Owner Aki hooks in size 4/0.  He reported to me that the big G.T.s just jumped on every color he used (and on more than one occasion...).  The best part of all is that there are places in the Seychelles where you can get shots at big ones (in the 50 to 60lb range) while wading  in really shallow bonefish waters along the edge of flats that drop away into deep waters...  No you don't land many at all.... but he reported there's just nothing like it.
    Here's two pics - the pattern is the old Tarpon Snake (and it's my go to bug for big silver this time of year in the backcountry of the Everglades, still).

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