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Need Some Help with Jacks and their Run in the E/SE FL

Hi Guys,

We are coming down on our second annual trip to FL and we would like to fish for primarily jack (crevalle) in numbers and larger size on top water. We have set our trip for late April 2018 and are looking for what area might be best area for the spring jack run.  I realize from some initial research that the we could miss the run entirely but looking for general areas that the body of fish might be during that time.

We will then grab a local guide for a day in the area, surf fish and look for land based fishing for the following days. We can be virtually anywhere south of Orlando as we haven't booked accommodations yet.

ie some articles mentioned that Port St. Lucie and surrounding areas is where large jacks hang during April, can anyone verify this is the best place to be at that time?

Thanks and tight lines!


  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 858 Officer
    Stuart is a great place to find those BIG jacks. You can usually find the schools of them just off the beach (and barely out of casting range). Big schools of big fish. Mike Holliday, a long-time local guide, is usually on top of them at any given time. Topwaters are definitely the way to go. 
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