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Any of you guys use one of these?

ragincajun92ragincajun92 Kingsland GaPosts: 459 Deckhand
Any of you guys use a Engel bait cooler. If so how do you like it and does it keep bait well?  I mainly want it for mud minnows or finger mullet from time to time. Will post a link below so you know what I’m talking about.

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  • DrKDrK Posts: 249 Deckhand
    I have the same cooler but just as a plain cooler not set up for bait.  Came free with the Kayak.  Been using it for 4-5 years.  I'm sure it's going to work great with muds.  Decent cooler, not a Yeti, I could feel the cold on the walls after 2-3 hours packing it with ice, the gasket is superb, refrigerator quality, the latches lock and seal very well.  I'd recommend it for a day's fishing.
  • MGTeacherMGTeacher South GaPosts: 1,800 Captain
    I have one and keep minnows in it all day. 
  • jpscott1jpscott1 Posts: 30 Deckhand
    I have the 19 quart version. I kept a couple dozen mud minnows in it for 3 days one time during a storm.  I bought the minnows and could not go out- so I kept the pump running.  They all lived fine.   When I buy mud minnows- the guy at the bait shop always comments on how it is the nicest minnow bucket he has ever seen.
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 5,338 Admiral
    My son gave my Father one for Christmas, but far as I know he hasn't used it yet.
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  • smooth movesmooth move Posts: 476 Deckhand
    i won one at a tournament about 4 yrs ago. really like it, but it doesn't keep ice any longer than any of my igloos.
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  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 857 Officer
    The Engel Bait Cooler is great. i have one and have used it for everything from shrimp to minnows to pilchards (but only a few of those at a time as I walk the shoreline). Never had any issue with it and the bait stayed fresh all day.
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