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zachboyerzachboyer Posts: 7 Greenhorn
Ive been researching shrimping (with a cast net) here lately. My wife wants to go and has learned to throw the net. Im having trouble finding information on where they are at this time of year ish. I know the big run is in the summer but read there is another run right now. I usually fish out of Crystal River but will pretty much go anywhere in north central florida.

I have read that they are out at the grass flats now, is this any grass flats (not just CR based) and I know that this run you have to get them at night.

Any other info I could get? Better locations? I have heard that Crystal river isnt the best rec shrimping place and they are out of the river now. I have never been off of the east cost but willing.

Any helps appreciated.


  • smooth movesmooth move Posts: 476 Deckhand
    i'm in Texas and things may be different here, but we catch large white shrimp in the marsh drains(creeks and bayous) in March. they're usually on the outside edge of the bends of the bayou buried in the mud on a incoming tide. they bury up during the incoming tide to keep from being taken back into the marsh with the current. ilike i said, might be different there.
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  • dixiedaddixiedad Posts: 369 Deckhand
    This is the about time of year to catch them dip netting in the ICW from roughly Daytona to Titusville. Check out Facebook videos from Lee Noga or FishNshrimp Florida.
  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 11,693 AG
    Get the zones for Citrus/Hernando areas for shrimping from FWC office in Inglis, all of Citrus inshore is a nursery area and no shrimping (rec or comm) is allowed.
    FWC does watch it.
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  • zachboyerzachboyer Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Awesome thanks for the help!
  • zachboyerzachboyer Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    So ended up going out to Haulover canal in titusville. The discharge was about 2,500. Shrimped from 6pm to 10 pm and got 1 3" shrimp. There were 2 other boats out there and they both said they didnt see anything the whole time, apparently they shrimp there often.

    Got the light setup and dip net and all rigged, although I did order acouple more lights
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