Another Rookie Question...

Ya'll got Manatee speed zones around Keyton Beach /Steinhatchee areas ?
Do you ever see any Seacows ?
I know Crystal River has the Power plant outfall slap full of them and I'm ate up here in the Glades with them but I was wondering if they went that far North..hope they don't cause Bunny Huggers seem to follow them..
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  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 4,465 Captain
    There are idle zones, usually up the rivers but no manatee zones that I am aware of, and yes, there are sea cows mainly in the warmer months, they can't take water colder than 65 so they need to go to a warm water spot or migrate south. Power plants have created artificial warm zones that have artificially extended their range significantly north and they are a lot more common north of the Suwanee than they used to be, before man.
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