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Hey Gang,
Coming back down to Orlando Feb 17-24. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a party fishing charter in Cocoa Beach Area. Looking at taking my son out for half or maybe full day not sure though. How is the fishing that time of year on east central side. I have been doing a lot of fishing on the Gulf side winter months the last couple years. Been a while since I have been out on East side. Thanks for any recommendations.


  • mango mikemango mike Posts: 230 Deckhand

    waterproof charters Daytona fla. capt timmy garrett, one of the best around

  • MaineOffShoreMaineOffShore Posts: 25 Greenhorn

    Thanks Mango,
    Looking for one of those party boats that take a bunch of people out and you reef fish, not a private charter

  • mango mikemango mike Posts: 230 Deckhand

    critter fleet also of Volusia cnty , ponce inlet . full day . or sea spirit half day . either one is a good boat. good captains on both boats .

  • MarlinBohnerMarlinBohner The darkest depths of Brevard countyPosts: 70 Greenhorn

    Ocean obsession best out of Canaveral

    Everybody gets one

  • Rich MRich M Posts: 1,035 Officer

    Don't expect a lot - if you just want to go fishing, it is great. If you expect to have a fish fry, you may want to have a backup, just in case.

    You'll catch a lot more fish on the party boats on the gulf side - grunts, but they fry up.

    You may also be able to get on a split charter for $120-$150 each. About 2x what it costs to do the party boat. You'll catch more and bigger fish.

  • MaineOffShoreMaineOffShore Posts: 25 Greenhorn

    thanks for the help

  • HighSpeedPursuitHighSpeedPursuit Posts: 176 Deckhand

    Cocoa beach sport fishing for private charters out of the port.

  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 608 Officer

    X2 for the Ocean Obsession, although some species such as grouper, and red snapper are closed Seabass, beeliners, and cobia are possible.

    we need more internet money
  • LivinTheDreamPCLivinTheDreamPC Posts: 217 Deckhand

    Scott Lum is a great captain. I think it is called outkast or outcast charters. He has a very reasonable half-day pricing. And this time of year lotta good fishing near shore. Pompano Tripletail Cobia Kings Sheepies. A friend of a friend chartered him couple months back and everyone got their two tripletails. Slobbs.

    For cheap and easy x3 try ocean obsession cattle boat. lotta more people. crowded. but 50 bucks a person something like that, prolly cheaper for kids rate too. and you will definately catch fish. those guys are out every single day and they are tuned into the bite. day to day. they are who other fisherman call to see whats biting.

  • MaineOffShoreMaineOffShore Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the help guys, so got to Winter Garden on the Sat the 17th and was fired up because it was calling for sun and temps in 80's all week.  Took daughter to check out Stetson on Monday, Tuesday girls were going shopping and got the blessing from the wife to take the boy fishing for a day.  Called Ocean Obsession and booked spot on Sunday.  Everything is great until Monday night, at 8pm I get a call from the lady at the front desk saying their generator went down and they were not going out the day I had booked.  She told me Orlando Princess was going out and sent us to them.  I called but it was late, fingers crossed I booked the trip at 6am tuesday morning of the trip.  I called several times after they were open and no answer.  Only way to book was online, so boy and I jumped in car and made our way on the hour and a half trip to the marina.  We got there and went in and we were all set.  Get on boat and crew seems nice enough.  We get settled and got ready for the hour+ ride, headed out and they said it would be rough, ROUGH is an understatement, they said 4-5 footers, we took several waves  over the bow of the boat and at least a dozen people were down and out just from the ride.  We finally made it to the grounds and started fishing.  First spot a ton of undersized bass, move to spot 2 I caught no fish and very few came over side, 3rd spot and there were a lot of red snapper at first (none by us) which are out of season, some weird oyster crushers that looked like over sized toads and a couple cobia.  I have never had much luck on these boats, not sure if it was the weather or their lack of knowing the fish.  Almost seemed like they had 3 spots they fish every trip and  they were fished out because all fish were very very small.  It was better than a day at work and the boy and I got to spend some time together.
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