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This was the last time my dad and brother fished with me. First fish was a sailfish. Now I'm working on getting a shot of a jumping swordfish.


  • PROFINITYPROFINITY Posts: 170 Deckhand
    Nice shot!
  • dixiedaddixiedad Posts: 303 Deckhand
    Very nice, hope you framed one of those.
  • pjepje Orlando , FlPosts: 522 Officer
    That's a cool shot
  • JustKeepSwimmingJustKeepSwimming Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Looks great, the fish looks rather surprised
  • JWTJWT Posts: 373 Deckhand
    awesome shot! any background details to share?
  • xeniaxenia Posts: 229 Deckhand

    Wow, I hadn't noticed the replies. Thanks for the kind words. Not much of a background story, other than this was the last time my brother, my dad, and I fished together, and the last time i fished deliberately for kingfish. It was back in 2011, and we started by slow trolling live pilchards to see what depth the kings were in. We got no hits until we got to 110' and it was this sail. My brother fought in on 20 lb spin while I attempted to get a shot as it jumped with my then-new camera. This was the best shot I could get. Unfortunately the fish stayed east of us the whole time so the light wasn't perfect, but I was happy with the shot. We quickly released it and went on searching for kings. We later found some kings in 90' and caught something like 22 of them, but it was on the slow side. Shortly afterwards i sold my kingfish permit. I have another, more powerful camera/lens combo, and my goal now is to get a shot of a jumping sword. Maybe it will happen this spring.

  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 4,341 Captain

    Great shot

    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
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    good shot, congrats:)
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