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Which casts better Avet 5.8 mx or Shimano Torium 30h ?

jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand

Looking at both reels for pairing up with my star rod deluxe 8ft heavy action. This will strictly be for live baiting and chunking for big snook, tarpon and grouper off the piers and bridges. Was looking at the Avet 5.8 mx with mag control but out my budget range trying to keep it at around $200 for the reel. Any help would be appreciated.


  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 7,038 Admiral

    Star drags cast better than lever drags although Avets cast pretty good. A Penn Fathom star drag is a good caster with lots of drag within your budget also.

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  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
  • BobberBobber Posts: 943 Officer

    I have an Avet MX MC, meh as a casting reel. The mag control kinda sux for lighter livies, won't get out of its own way.
    I had an original Torium 20, good caster but....
    The Fathom 25N and 30 are the best casting star drags available. Great drags,spool size, line capacity and durability.

  • GeeTeeGeeTee Boca RatonPosts: 186 Deckhand

    Unless youre hunting HUGE fish, imo casting with a spinning reel outweighs the benefits of fishing with a conventional. It also outcasts most conventional reels. I know many people prefer conventional but in today's day and age the Stradics, Saragossa`s even the entry level Daiwa BG ($100) is great are pretty bullet proof. No backlashes, easier to control, great drag system and easier to main too.

    I agree with conchy regarding the lever drag vs star, lever drags and level winds don't cast well.

  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
    Thanks all for the helpful input. I have a Star Rod Deluxe 8ft rated heavy with the thick grip which I bought t for snooking with big mullet and chunking off the bridges in the keys so needed a nice conventional reel that cast well and can handle big fish from the pier or bridges. Might have to look at the Penn Fathoms too.
  • kcgramerkcgramer Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    I'm doing the same thing, using the 8ft star rod for snookin off piers (juno pier in specific) and I use croaker, sandperch, mullet and ladyfish. My senator 4/0 gets the job done with multiple 40+ inch fish coming off the pier. If youu doo have that extra bit of money however an Avet HX is the best there is for pier snooking
  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
    Nice yea that's the plan hopefully to get into some of those big snooks this summer. How much bigger is the LX6.0 to the HX ? Are they much bigger than the MX5.8 ?
  • BobberBobber Posts: 943 Officer
    You are evidently not familiar with Avets or the differences between star and lever drag mechanics. With your use and budge t avoid lever drags and focus on star drags. 
  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
    Not sure if you are being sarcastic or your 2cents of contribution was to sound like a smart **** I do know the mechanics of both reels as I had owned both types. Appreciate your input ;)
  • BobberBobber Posts: 943 Officer
    Calling it like you wrote it  - the LX is smaller than the HX. With a lever drag, reel diameter Is directly related to the drag capability of single sided plates unlike star drags which vary according to the size of the drive gear. Thus you see the  Fathom 12 - 40 sizes all claiming a legitimate drag of 25lbs vs the Avets claims of 9/15/22 as you increase in diameter. Nevermind Avets max drag ratings, they will bind at higher settings and you will blowout their pinion bearings at those higher settings. I like my 6 Avets but I'm aware of their limitations for your use and won't deny them because they have a trendy name. I was a pier rat in the 80s/90s and learned these lessons with the Squidders and Jigmasters of that time. 
    Simplicity,durability,ease of service, and most of all consistantcy, but hey-  least you got the rod  right.

  • permit_mepermit_me Posts: 1,095 Officer
    you might consider a Torium 50. I have an MX that I use for snook, snapper, occasionally grouper, and cobia. The Torium 50 is good for tarpon and big sharks. You can get em for $220-230 if you search.
  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
    Thanks Permit for the information !!
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