Saturday wahoo report....... who else went out?

Made the trip out yesterday. Couldn't leave till near sun up so did not get the early start. It was a nice ride out except for the fog. Visibility was poor through some it. Got pretty thick in some areas and lasted about 20 miles. We finally got lines in about 915 and started in about 140 ft with water temp about 71. Trolled out to the ledge with no action. Water temp warmed up to nearly 74 at the ledge. Basically we trolled from 915 till 215 with nothing happening. Heard them talking on the radio that the bite was on till about 9 then just shut down. Figures, just my luck. We moved back in closer and about 215 in 130 ft our first strike of the day. Naturally it comes unglued after about 15 seconds. Then about a minute later the deep line with the cedar plug takes off. We stayed hooked up with this one. Fought it all the way back to the boat only to have it cut the mono right at the boat. Saw enough of it to know its was the biggest wahoo I've ever been hooked up to. Had to be 50 plus. When we pulled all the lines in we found another bait cut off we never knew about. I guess we ran through a school of them. We circled back to try it again but never got another hit. It was time to pack it up and head in. Heard a few boats catching them and a lot of guys complaining about them. Who else made it out? Anybody else have some luck?


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