Horseshoe this Saturday

EarthmoverEarthmover Posts: 270 Deckhand

We went out in search of sheep head Saturday, sea fog was terrible! We could not get anything at our shallow numbers, ended up finding some good sized ones in the 30' range on public numbers. 5lb average, caught a few rock bass, grunts and a few small grouper. All were caught on shrimp. I will post pics this afternoon.


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    Good dill

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    was wondering how u did

  • EarthmoverEarthmover Posts: 270 Deckhand

  • EarthmoverEarthmover Posts: 270 Deckhand

    The kids had fun. Hopefully our next trip will be better visibility, and more of those shrimp thieves. Will find there way in the fish box. Scary feeling hearing another boats anchor chain drop 100yds from you but not seeing them untill u are 50yds away.

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    nice fish

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    Well done!

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    Good day catchin with the kids! They won't forget the fog trips for sure!

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    Cool. Boating in the fog is always an adventure ain't it.

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    Thats a scary deal when you cant see much out there !

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    Saturday was definitely a weird fog day. Just go slow. Looks like you found some fish. Nice.

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