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Apalachee Bay/Aligator Point-East

I'm looking for a little local knowledge: going to be exploring Apalachee Bay, water south east of St Marks. Is it similar to Apalachicola Bay? Rocks? Where would you recommend launching? And where is Spring River or Spring Creek?


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    Might try posting this on Northwest region. Pretty active forum and they are more familiar with the area

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  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 5,268 Admiral

    Spring Creek is just west of Shell Point.

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    Spring Creek is the name of a creek and a town. It is between Panacea and Shell Point. Their is a landing their but if you have anything larger than a flats skiff I would recommend launching elsewhere. Shell Point landing and the landing in the town of St. Marks next to the Spanish fort are good places to put in. Their is also a landing in the St Marks wildlife refuge next to the lighthouse. Just don't go to it on a negative tide. Around the rivers and springs their are many oyster bays but very few rocks. East of the lighthouse about 3 miles is where the rocks start. Do a search on the rock garden. Be very carful in that area unless you want a new lower unit! With the warm weather the fish will be moving out of the river and onto the flats and oyster bars. Good luck.

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