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Tips on Flamingo by Canoe

I'll be camping in Flamingo in a couple weeks and would appreciate any pointers for fishing by canoe. I will be with my 14 yo son and have not fished this area before. Any tips on areas, tides, or baits/lures would be greatly appreciated. Not looking for anyone's honey hole but any pointers would really help. I'd love to catch anything really but would really love any size red or snook for fun. Thanks for the help in advance.


  • Saltwater JunkieSaltwater Junkie Posts: 1,086 Officer

    My thought would be to launch on the outside and follow the shoreline east towards Snake Bight channel. You will have a couple of long shorelines to cast both from the mainland and/or Joe Kemp Key. Depending on water temp wind, tide etc.You can either continue east towards Snake Bight Channel or follow the shoreline around Christian Point. There's plenty of shoreline to cast as well as fishing the Snake bite Channel.

    Take a small anchor or something that you can use to stake out to keep the wind/current from pushing you along once you find fish. Good luck

  • krashkrash Posts: 734 Officer

    Use the tides... have not been since the storm but know a couple who have. You can launch from the camp-site area and have plenty of fishing right there.. if tide is incomming ride with it towards Snakebite.. if outgoing fish the area right outside the campground. There is/was a slight channel between th shoreline and the flats.
    Simple suggestions, Trout on the deeper flats (deeper meaning 3'), Snook and Tarpon in the chanel and all along the mangrove shoreline past the marina entrance to Snakebite.. and Reds on the shallow flats.
    Soft plastics, paddle tails on jig heads is always a good choice, top-water walk-yer-dog.. I like soft plastic shrimps.

    Be very aware of the tide, the bottom is very muddy that if you try to get out and wade/push/pull you will sink up to your waist and it will suck you shoes off when you try to get out. If that tide is outgoing and you are on a flat that is getitng skinny get off before its to late. Many a paddler/ poler has spent a few hours stuck on a mud flat by mis judging how quick that last couple inches of water leaves the flat exposed as the tide goes out, especially on negative tide days.

    Dont know how much distance you cover.. but in general is a nice liesurely drift/paddle with the tide form the campground area to the entrance of Snakebite and back in a 3/4 day.

    Just hope for light wind days, and always bring plenty of bug spray.

    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
  • one fish two fishone fish two fish Posts: 62 Deckhand

    Thanks a bunch guys. Do you know if there is any decent fishing in the canoe trails in the park?

  • krashkrash Posts: 734 Officer

    Yes there is good fishing reachable thru the **** Bay trails and also West Lake, on windy days that is yet another option.. **** Bay Trail is a park on the side of the road launch and West Lake has an actual parking lot area and lunch.

    West Lake has some big and rather territorial Crocs... so be aware, they won;t typically chase you down but if you spook one it's a frightful experience and may not be a good place to have a swim.

    I don;t know anyone who has been in either since the storm, so there could be impassable down'd trees.

    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
  • one fish two fishone fish two fish Posts: 62 Deckhand

    Thanks again.
    Low tide will be at noon on Saturday. Would it be better to fish before or after?

  • krashkrash Posts: 734 Officer

    Both... and take a break at the tide change to eat your lunch.. just make sure you are off those flats before its dead low, although its not much negative this week. As the tide is in the last stages of dropping out make sure your fish the edges of the flats.

    I always launch at sunrise and and off the water by 2 when in Mingo, no matter which tide.

    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
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