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A good friend of mine and our two eleven year old boys have been making a summer trip for the last few years to West End but we are thinking about heading out further in 2018. My first thought is Green Turtle Cay as I have been there before (although not really fishing) and there are some good options for stuff to do in between fishing and spearing. It also sounds like there might be a better pelagic bite that time of year than what we see in West End. I've looked up some rental houses with a dock on VRBO and it looks like we can get a pretty nice place for a pretty reasonable rate.

Anyone have any suggestions as to other places I should consider? I'm thinking it would be a 5 day trip and we would be planning on bottom fishing, deep dropping, spearing between 10 and 60 feet and trolling. I've mostly given up on trolling west end in the summer as it generally doesn't seem to produce much so I'm hoping to find somewhere more productive.


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    I have stayed at Treasure Cay Marina and rented a cottage on the beach walking distance to the marina. From there you can access all of the abacos and its family friendly.
    Mark Wilson
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    Green Turtle is great, my only issue with it is that its the first of the islands so its a longer run to get places. I also like Guana and Hopetown as they are very central. Diving off Guana is good but the best for spearing in the area is probably Spanish Cay. If you want to troll for pelagics get a good fishing chart of the area. There are places like The Thumbprint, The Mushroom, Jurassic Park, Hopetown Pocket, Cherokee that hold Marlin year round. I have had good luck trolling small feathers rigged on long leaders with a small speed swivels in front of Hopetown and Cherokee for tuna.
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    1) Get the Dodge Guide to Abaco. You'll want/need the waypoints as well as the nice, close-up charts of the various areas.

    2) Get a golf cart on GTC but make SURE to get the bigger ones with the bigger tires and gas engine.

    3) Clear Customs at OBB and top off with the cheapest gas you will find on your trip.

    4) You can clear at Spanish if that works better but call them to make sure of the hours, etc to clear.

    5) Check all the Ads in the Dodge Guide for GTC....... restaurants, bars, groceries, etc.
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    make sure you use the 300.00 Bahamas rebate also...
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    Thanks for the feedback guys - I really appreciate it.

    Testerman - from what I could find, the rebate only applies if you stay at a hotel and not a house rental. Is there another offer out there?
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    ... maybe stay another day at a marina hotel..??? we can all write you an excuse to stay.. :)
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    Five days - including running there and back? IMHO, not even close to enough time.

    Two weeks minimum.
    Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.
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    ... maybe stay another day at a marina hotel..??? we can all write you an excuse to stay.. :)

    Good to know you guys have my back!
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    Green Turtle is a great place for the family. I would stick with GT, Guana or Hopetown as the best places to stay. A friend went to Treasure last year and said they will never go back. The facility and many of the units are run down although the beach is beautiful.

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    @testerman28 said:
    ... maybe stay another day at a marina hotel..??? we can all write you an excuse to stay.. :)

    Leeward Yacht Club on GTC has 5 or 6 houses reasonably priced and the discounts apply there-we booked there for spring break, will let you know how it goes.

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    Been going to Hopetown for 20 plus years now.  Look up Tanney Key properties.  Tanney is a great lady and takes really good care of her customers.  Her son Ira runs the charter boat A Salt Weapon and is a great guy if you want a good local captain.  You can troll right out front of Tilloo Cut the whole trip and catch fish.  
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    We've stayed at the aforementioned Summerview Cottage on Lubbar's a few times in the past and it is very nice and very convenient for those with their own boat.  Quick shot out of Tilloo Cut and you're fishing.  I also like Green Turtle a lot.  Good fishing at both, but in our experiences the afternoon blackfin bite is better off of Green Turtle.
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    Best thing about staying on Lubbers is Cracker P's. Patrick and Linda will treat you right, Mon.
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    That and Tilloo cut.
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