GA hunt club looking for one member

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We have one opening in our club for a new member. The property is located in Burke County appx halfway between Swainsboro and Waynesboro. This club has been on mostly the same property for over 25 years and currently has 10 members, 2100 acres. Turkey, deer and the occasional hog. Must be 8 pt outside the ears for a buck. Family club, spouse and children living at home under the age of 21 welcome if hunting with member. Nice camp with power and water for trailers located 4 miles to property. Planted pine, hardwoods, ag field, swamp, large clear cut. Can put your stand anywhere, property divided up in 20 appx 100 acre sections, member signs area out for AM or PM hunt. Safety first always. Dues are $1600 plus $100 for camp fee which covers elec during gun season. All members are from FL. If interested pm and I will send rules, if you want to see property we can set something up.


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    Sounds like a great camp. How far is it from the Florida/Ga border via I75 or I95? Thanks in advance.

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    The guys that come up from Ft Meyers go 75 to 10 and then cut up. I live in St Aug and go up 95 to 16 West to the Metter exit which is exit 104. We are about 30 miles North of Metter, GA. From Jax it is about a 3 hr ride.

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    Can you send me a PM about the property. Have tried to PM you but this new system sucks! Much easier to pm someone prior to this new update.

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    pm sent. Let me know if it worked.

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    Please send me the information.

    [email protected]

    Thank you in advance.

  • JoPaJoPa St AugustinePosts: 5 Greenhorn

    email sent

  • JoPaJoPa St AugustinePosts: 5 Greenhorn

    Showed the property this past weekend and have a verbal commitment for a new member.

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    I am interested. Please send information to [email protected]
  • JoePaJoePa Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    pmelton: email sent
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    Well, we have a member that is not getting back in because of work relocation.  Going to miss him but still kind of puts us in a bind because we have to pay timber lease at end of month.  You can read initial post to get the details, I am happy to send out info and club rules.  All members of this Burke County GA club live in FL.  Also, this member has an older camper that he wishes to sell.  Nice hunting camper, metal roof.  Older but has been fixed up with new shower, hot water, ac and other things.  Already set up at camp.  Again the lease is 1600, camp fee is 100 (covers your elec during gun season) and the used camper I am guessing will be in the 600-800 range but you can work that out with the old member.  you can email me at  [email protected] 
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    Pm sent
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    Is it 10 members on 2100 acres or 10 members on 1600 acres?
    Joshua 24:15
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    10 on 2100.  The 1600 is yearly dues.  Also I did get a response and am meeting with someone this weekend.
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