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Launched on the LMR around 12:30 pm. Water temp was 77. Headed up river and hit a shallow bay. Water temp was 73. Worked it and only caught one small snook at 1pm. Wind was pretty strong out of the east. Very little activity and no more strikes.

Decided to head for the mouth. Water temp was 74. Water was slightly stained. Hooked into a small snook at 1:59pm on the 3" RT mullet in shadflash color. Began working a windy bank. Switched up to the mullet in the more natural killifish color. Probing a pocket and my lure got crushed at 2:20pm. Set the hook and saw the white belly of a good fish thrash in shallow water. The fish took off, but came back to the boat and just stopped. She must have been in shock. It was a good red. I loosened my drag as she dove under and around the boat. After a spirited fight, I slipped her in the net. She was a stout 26".

Over the next 15 minutes, I lost 3 snook that jumped and spit my lure. One was pretty good. Missed a fish on the ssj in bone, before I landed a 23" snook on the killifish at 3pm. Cast up on a point and my lure got rocked at 3:20pm. It was a pretty nice snook that came in at a respectable 26".

Ten minutes later a 24.5" snook nailed my lure right at the boat. The wind switched and was now blowing strongly from the south. Clouds were present almost all afternoon and conditions were ideal. A small snook at 3:54pm. Caught another small snook at 4:02pm that fought hard for his size. The fish were really aggressive today. The strikes were not subtle. Another small snook at 4:15pm.

Over to another point and got rocked again at 4:25pm. Another beautiful snook gets airborn and gives me a great fight. He comes in just under 26".

Had recently purchased some dark green/purple flake Rage Tail Baby Menace grubs and gave them a try. Caught a small snook on it at 4:50pm and then lost one. Another small one eight minutes later and then another at 5:17pm. Ten minutes later another small snook. I have to say that I was very impressed with the Rage Tail. I had it on a 1/16 oz jig head and that dual kicking action is excellent. They are pretty thick and held up well to the multiple fish caught on it. I am sold on them and will buy more.

Another small snook at 5:30pm. My final fish of the day was a 17" red at 5:33pm that also found the Rage Tail to his liking. I worked it a bit longer and missed a fish, but it was time to head to the ramp. It was a very enjoyable day.

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