2018 Blacktip Migration?

greyreefsharkgreyreefshark Posts: 413 Deckhand

Are there any estimations when this starts hitting Florida this year?



  • Rich MRich M Posts: 1,011 Officer


    You'll start catching them once the water warms up. You'll get plenty of bulls & spinners too.

  • Paulieboy73Paulieboy73 Posts: 36 Greenhorn

    Big schools of blacktips start showing up late February early March, then the hammers show up in April chasing the black tips that are still around.

  • GeeTeeGeeTee Ft LauderdalePosts: 91 Greenhorn

    As of Sunday there were sightings in Daytona beach. Would be nice if there was an alert for our various areas so we could go and get our fair share of BTip action! Im new to the state, id like to go and get my fill of Btip`s with this migration.

  • greyreefsharkgreyreefshark Posts: 413 Deckhand

    Geetee, Thankyou for posting this man! Looks like BlacktipH has already posted a video on some of the action brewing up as well! 👍

  • PhisinPhoolPhisinPhool New Baltimore, MiPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    Will be heading to the Port Orange area in a few weeks looking for a few. Is a kayak necessary to get my bait further out or should I be fine casting from the surf  
  • greyreefsharkgreyreefshark Posts: 413 Deckhand
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    Would love to hear how your trip goes PhisinPhool. Good luck and have a great time!👍😊
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