sight fishing snook ft pierce

went out a few days ago glassy conditions called for some sight fishing. landed a overslot snook along with some small redfish. Check it out!


  • AquaholicIVAquaholicIV Posts: 3 Greenhorn

    Great video and nice job on the fish.

  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 431 Deckhand

    You definitely had a good day.....Were you north or south of the South Bridge? I've been fishing down near round island and haven't been doing too much. Curious if I need to move locations. Again, nice fish.

  • JTFDJTFD Posts: 47 Greenhorn

    we were fishing south of the south bridge for some of the video and north of the north bridge for some. We also fished near round island that day with no luck there.

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