1872 Rolling Block

I will be at the Palmetto Gun Show tomorrow (1.26.18). Looking to sell or trade my NY state issued Rolling Block.

Remington 1872
No 1. Rolling Block
Rotary Extractor
New York State Militia issue
Manufactured 1872-1874
Missing rear sight and cleaning rod
Has original leather strap
Asking $700 cash
Trade for Turkey Gun


  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 620 Officer

    Ok, I'm back from the show and still have the gun. I passed on an 870 offered for trade (I didn't feel it was fair for me and he didn't want to throw in any cash or extras..). I did learn that it is either chambered in .45-70 or .43 Spanish. If I can get my hands on some .45-70 I will confirm.

    The gun is in St Petersburg, FL.

    Here's the deal. I need a good gun for Spring Turkey Season. I was planning on buying a Mossberg 535 turkey combo for $430 at **** (2x barrels and full set of chokes).

    NY state rolling blocks are all over online for about 1K. Some look in similar condition to mine, some much better. Similar rolling blocks go all day long for $500-600 on gunbroker. I'm going to keep this up here for a couple of weeks and on another site. After that, this goes on gunbroker.

    I'm no expert on these guns. I'm just trying to get set for turkey season. Make me an offer! I'm motivated to sell/trade this gun!!

    Here are some pics.

  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 620 Officer

  • nofishtodaynofishtoday Posts: 1,067 Officer

    I have a couple shotguns that may work for you
    I’m in Pinellas Park a lot (Lutz is Hm.)
    I’ll pm you after the weekend to see if we can get
    a time and place to look the guns over.
    Always liked rolling blocks

  • nofishtodaynofishtoday Posts: 1,067 Officer

    Sorry the more I thought the more I decided
    I really don’t need another gun

  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 620 Officer

    No prob. Sorry i missed your reply.. I got impatient and ended up listing it on gunbroker (linked above). Sure you don't 'need' another one.. it's only at $100 atm lol

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