Fishermen were 73 lobsters over

January 31, 2018 04:29 PM
Updated 11 hours 55 minutes ago

Two commercial fisherman were arrested Monday on charges of possession of dozens of wrung and undersized spiny lobsters, and of being over the bag limit by more than 70 lobsters.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers arrested Tri T. Dao, 48, and Dung Van Tran, 49, after an at-sea inspection found 85 wrung lobster tails and 59 undersized lobsters aboard the commercial vessel, the Captain Brandon. Both men are from Texas.
According to an FWC arrest affidavit, four officers boarded the boat and found three gallon-sized bags containing the wrung tails. The captain of the vessel, Hai Van Vo, told the officers that Dao and Tran “caught, cooked and stored the wrung lobster tails,” Officer Michael Alvarez wrote in his report.
The personal bag limit for Florida spiny lobsters is six each, so, Dao and Tran exceeded the limit by 73, according to Alvarez’s report.
Each man was booked into Key West jail on 85 counts of possession of wrung lobsters, 59 counts of possession of undersized lobsters and 73 counts of being over the bag limit. They are each being held on a $108,500 bond.


  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,218 Officer

    Obviously they are fine upstanding members of the community. That happen to be suffering from an arithmetic deficiency!

  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 3,651 Captain

    Sounds like shrimpers. Crawfish get trawled up more often than you think. Might have been for their personal meals as they were already cooked and not easily marketable, but who knows? It is still illegal and they will pay the piper.

    “Everyone behaves badly--given the chance.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 8,504 Admiral

    trow da book at em

    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
  • xeniaxenia Posts: 228 Deckhand

    Doesn't make sense. If they were commercial lobster fishermen, the daily bag limit wouldn't apply (commercial lobster fishermen do not have a daily bag limit). If so, how did they catch the lobsters if they were commercial fishing for something else? If they had no dive equipment on board, and they are not commercial lobster trappers, then they obviously stole the lobster from traps, which would be another violation. Or as someone suggested, they trawled them up shrimping, but I don't know how often this happens.

  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,658 Captain

    Back when I had a commercial license, you had to have a saltwater products license as well as a crawfish attachment. Just because you are commercial doesn't mean you don't have a bag limit

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  • These are guys both the commercial and recreational fishermen can hate!

  • State needs to Hammer them!!!

  • flyrodorbustflyrodorbust Posts: 30 Greenhorn

    They are POACHERS plain and simple referring to them as fisherman does all of us and the sport a disservice.

  • ashley24ashley24 Posts: 140 Deckhand

    best parts is they are not latin, as always implicated. throw the book atthem

  • Gary SGary S Posts: 765 Officer

    You can't have wrung tails on the boat no matter what size.

  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 8,647 Admiral

    shrimp boat with Viet owners, trawled them up for sure..

    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
  • MonelloMonello Posts: 46 Greenhorn

    With so many of these poachers getting caught, imagine the loss from the poachers that don't get caught. Time to make the price of the crime so unbearable that no person in their right mind would think of breaking the law.

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