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Yucatan Snook destinations

SnookmeisterSnookmeister Posts: 1,035 Officer
I have been wanting to go down to central America for a snook trip FOREVER. I have been looking at some areas on the Yucatan. Laguna Santa Rosa looks like a good place but I have also found some cheaper charters in San Felipe run by some English speaking guys that specialize in snook fishing. Anyone ever been snook fishing down there or In CR or maybe Belize? Where is best? Obviously CR is legendary but it seems a little pricier. Also what is the best time of year, is it like here? It would seem like their spawning season would be longer. Any info or experience you guys could share would be awesome. Until then, I will keep day dreaming, lol.
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  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    First of all, the Yucatan is in Mexico, not Central America. Second, a 30 inch snook caught anywhere on the Yucatan these days is a rarity. You had it right when you mentioned Costa Rica. THE lodge used to be the Parismina Lodge for big snook and I think the best times off the beach for the bruisers (to 50 lbs) was September-October. I have no idea what Parismina is called these days OR if they still get snook that big down there. All of Mexico and Central America is "net-central," if you know what I mean. Sure, certain areas have laws prohibiting nets, but the enforcement infrastructure is usually so poor that the people do it anyway. I hope this at least gets you started. I would be looking for that same lodge, whatever it's called. I think there's a river there too and they get good tarpon in deep water outside the mouth of it, but at a different time of the year.

    BTW, if it's just snook you want, that lodge I mentioned, just might be the cheapest route....because you can fish very effectively from the beach and don't need a guide.

    I know nothing about Belize. But on the Yucatan (Quintana Roo) they all say November is the best month. But if you hire from a guide service, you're going to be paying just a few dollars less than American prices and that really pizzes me off, since you'll be riding in an 18 ft. Panga with a 50 hp.motor...a $10,000 investment as compared with the up to-$50,000 skiffs that American guides have to support. To boot, they don't have to run half the distances that the average (say) Keys guide does. Insurance is a fraction, blah blah blah.....But in any event, IMO, Isla Blanca would be the place to go. It's less than 10 miles north of Cancun and with the American/European economies being what they are, you might get quite a deal. They're really hurting right now.
  • Matt JornMatt Jorn Posts: 234 Deckhand
    Fishing in Costa Rica is not as expensive as you may think. And trust me that even here on the Pacific side the Snook are second-to-none. Check out these whoppers caught from the shore of the river mouth. Check my websites for rates...you will find that Costa Rica is just as affordable and Mexico and ten times safer, especially if you are bringing the wife and kids. Take care bud!
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    Matt Jorn
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    THIS is a snook....THAT (your pic) looks more like a trout...actually a giant weakfish. Seriously...is that what you call a snook on the west coast of Costa Rica?

    To the OP....I edited my post if you already read it.

    To ALL: Mexico is just as safe as Costa Rica. I get reports as they happen and I can't remember the last time I heard of anything happening in Quintana Roo, Mx,. Literally nothing in at least the past 6 months.

    Is there violence in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and most of Central America? YES.....BUT.. it is all (at least in Mexico) directed by cartel members, towards other cartel members, or government/law officials. To date this year, there have been 111 Americans killed in all of Mexico. ALL BUT TWO (or 3) of them were known to be associated with the drug trade, money laundering, prostitution, or people smuggling. Moral is that if you live that kind of life, be prepared to pay the consequences. As for the 2-3 tourists killed.....well, when is the last time any large CITY in the US could boast just 2-3 tourist deaths after 10 months of the year? Y'all do the math. (BTW, those figures came from a US media source. They were touting the big increase in American deaths, (percentage-wise) over the previous year. I think if they had done the math, they would have kept their mouths shut.)

    Bottom line: IMO, if you fly to a Mexican tourist destination like Cancun, you have maybe less of a chance of bodily harm, than if you flew into Miami.

    Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the snook pictured. I swiped the pic from another thread on this forum, several years ago....cuz it IS a monster. (est. at 51 lbs. and released.)
  • SnookmeisterSnookmeister Posts: 1,035 Officer
    Nice!! You are right I forgot Mexico is still north America. Lol that snook is certified lunker. I remember when that pic and story was the outdoor happening in FS magazine like 10 years ago or more. Caught of the jetty at jupiter inlet. Thanks for the info guys. I remember hearing about the parasmina lodge. I might think about going to the pacific coast of CR. I hear that pacific black snook grow the biggest. I have seen some videos and pics of 60lb fish.
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  • cozumel111cozumel111 Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    look up holbox, small island north of cancun. i live in cozumel. great alaroung fishing here.
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    cozumel111 wrote: »
    look up holbox, small island north of cancun. i live in cozumel. great alaroung fishing here.

    That's a good idea....I think there are guides out of Holbox that run east for snook and tarpon. Much shorter run too, than from Isla Blanca.
  • troutbomtroutbom Posts: 304 Deckhand
    If you cant make the cental America trip this year, Naples is on fire with big nunbers and big fish. (No not 50 lbs but lots of 15-20 lbs) Its just down thwe road from you and a good value. Fish in Naples survived the freeze better than Everglades. Capt. Todd Geroy has been slaying em. Check out out cyber angler. Capt Roan Zumfeld is also excellent.
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