Fellsmere Reservoir 1/29/18

RollinRollin Posts: 1,543 Captain

Fellsmere Reservoir is a new impoundment separated by a levee from the Stickmarsh. The land for Fellsmere Reservoir had been a farm and then went through some serious enhancements and improvements to turn it into a world glass fishing hole.

I was researching Stickmarsh and found Ansin Garcia which lies directly South of Stickmarsh and the new Fellsmere Reservoir which is on the East side of Stickmarsh. Ansin Garcia is open to all access and is setup to give some protection from the wind. The new Fellsmere reservoir appears to be ready to fish,but has no ramps. At least for now it's paddle craft only. Lucky us, let's hope it take five more years to finish the ramps.

I fished there yesterday in the wind and rain and caught 29 bass. It was a beautiful day and I had the whole 10,000 acres to myself. I caught one on a spinnerbait and the rest on Zoom toads.


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