Melbourne, Eau Gallie area.

I've launched at Eau gallie boat ramp a few times. Went south past Mathers bridge and the 404, on the west bank. It seemed like a good spot because it was flats, but I didnt see anything except horseshoe craps. Any advice around the area for snook and reds? Also happy to take someone along could always use a fishing buddy if you want to guide me a bit, got a keywest 1720.



  • bobcatbobcat Posts: 45 Greenhorn

    Mathers is north

  • Michael4sterMichael4ster Posts: 13 Greenhorn

    Correct, I mean north. Thanks.

  • whole lot of lovewhole lot of love Posts: 47 Greenhorn

    best advice i can tell you is you should of been here 30yrs ago. a/t/m the water is light brown and really murky

  • FogFog Posts: 64 Greenhorn

    I P.M ed you. At least I think I did(first time posting in the new format) I,m interested in doing some fishing.

  • Michael4sterMichael4ster Posts: 13 Greenhorn

    Try again Fog, I never recieved it. Thanks.

  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 608 Officer

    agree with the "you should have been here yesterday".

    I used to wade the west bank of merrit island from eau gallie all the way north to the merrit island airport, and routinely saw and caught numorous trout with some of my personal bests, schools of reds, singles etc, and some nice but small snook and tarpon in the mangrove pockets, sheephead by the docks, puffers and catfish, stingrays, jacks and lady's off the flat in the chanel.

    I fished that area over xmas and saw nothing, had live mullet and artis....... sad

    we need more internet money
  • FlecFlec Posts: 466 Deckhand

    There is another "algae thing" happening again in the river right now that started 2.5 weeks ago when the water temp got into the mid 50's. Hopefully it will clear up soon. The water should be much clearer during the winter,, even with some windy days.

  • FogFog Posts: 64 Greenhorn

    My email is acaptiann at that yahoo dot com place if you wanna hit me up.
    I do agree with andrew but it can still be fun to get on the water. Ya can't catch if you don't fish.
    On another note is there a way to "watch" a thread?

  • RiverRat22RiverRat22 Posts: 45 Greenhorn

    I've had good luck in the canals between Mathers bridge and Pineda.

  • FogFog Posts: 64 Greenhorn

    Sorry it's acaptainn. I spelled it wrong in my previous reply.

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