Windy Day on the LMR

Launched around 12:30pm. Water was very low and came in, but not much. It was blowing a steady 15 with gusts to 25. Later it was a steady 20-25. Water temp was 69, but dropped back down to 65 when the incoming finally showed up.

Went up river to check out a back bay. I couldn't get in there due to low water. Started fishing back down river and missed a fish. Came up to a spot that hasn't been producing, but not a lot of options. Quickly hooked a small snook on the 4" RT in smoke at 1:05pm. Working the area and stopped reeling to adjust the tm. Reeling again and felt resistance. Set the hook and felt some pretty good weight. A nice fish was digging hard. Hoped it was a red and it was. Fighting the red and the wind was tough. After a really nice fight, I slipped the net under her at 1:10pm She came in at a solid 25".

Hooked into a 22" snook at 1:25pm. Moved over to the opposite bank and boated a 20" snook at 1:44pm.

No more strikes there so moved farther down river. Began working the shallow side of the river and caught a small jack on the 3" RT in smoke at 1:58pm. Over to the deeper side, but no luck. Up to a dock and dropped a Zoom Fat Albert grub in chartreuse to the bottom in front of it. Hopping it off the bottom back to the boat and my lure got smashed. Set the hook and a very powerful fish took off towards the dock. The fish surged and popped my 20# braid. What was that? Thinking it might have been a very large jack. Re-tied and decided to troll a FA grub in chatreuse on a 1/4 oz jig up to the next dock. Trolling a deep bend in the river and my lure got nailed. Turned out to be a nice jack caught a 2:41pm. Kept trolling and another jack about the same size at 2:53pm. Turned around and trolled back up river. Got nailed again at 3:12pm. This one was a bit bigger than the previous two and battled me the entire way to the boat. Poor pic, but a good size jack.

Caught one more nice jack at 3:20pm. Could have probably caught more, but wanted to try a nearby trough. Water is still skinny. Worked that and an adjoining bay for a long time. Only managed some ladyfish and a couple of small jacks.

Really late now and decided to hit some nearby docks b4 dark. Managed to catch 2 more 20ish inch snook under docks before darkness was on me. It was a pretty good day given the extremely low water and howling wind.

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  • lukkyracerlukkyracer Posts: 648 Officer

    Nice red. That jack must have been a fun fight.

  • skyway andeskyway ande Posts: 3,273 Captain

    Windy day for sure....

    God, save the South!
  • Bassin AssassinBassin Assassin Posts: 1,232 Officer

    Thanks guys. It was a healthy red for sure. All the 4 jacks caught trolling were about the same size and hard-fighting fish. Trolling is a good change of pace and quite effective. Was hoping I might hook a tarpon, but not to be.

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  • Tanman34Tanman34 Posts: 59 Greenhorn

    Thanks for the report!! And nice red!!
    Wind just wont give us a break

  • cprcpr Posts: 9,301 Admiral

    Nice looking red.

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  • Bassin AssassinBassin Assassin Posts: 1,232 Officer

    Thanks guys.

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