New visit to Siesta Key area. Need some fishing help.

Hi everybody. First trip to fish on the Gulf in Florida around Siesta Key.
We will be down Feb. 17 - March 1. Need some help.
Like to fish the surf or piers. OBX visitor many years.
Mostly fish with bait but throw jigs & metal also.
What to try the Skyway Bridge, Fort Desota piers and maybe Boca Grande pass.
What can we expect to catch that time of year?
Or do you have any recommendations for some other locations. We do catch & release.
Thanks for any input.


  • BOBPABOBPA Posts: 5 Greenhorn

    9 days posted and no comments?

  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 10,191 AG

    I would start reading some of the fishing reports posted, when I got down here I would go to some of the local tackle shops and talk to people. This site has a wealth of information on it, but sometimes you have to dig for it

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  • sk018sk018 Posts: 2,929 Captain

    Sheepshead around bridges and pilings using shrimp.
    My experience is wading or boat fishing. Beach surf fishing for snook is good in summer months, I think sheepshead should be around saprito pier still.

  • BOBPABOBPA Posts: 5 Greenhorn

    For the advice.
    Saw on another site that the sheepshead were biting good on the South Skyway bridge pier.
    Again, Thanks for the advice.
    Haven't been to Florida since my Navy days in the early 70's.
    Looking forward to get out of the cold here in Central PA.

  • sk018sk018 Posts: 2,929 Captain

    That time of year is live shrimp time. Soak a live shrimp on a 30 pound fluorocarbon leader and anything will eat it. I just cant help much on piers

  • TrevfishinTrevfishin Posts: 620 Officer

    Are you staying in Siesta Key? There isn't a pier there, but there is a pier down in Venice. I'm used to going in the summer, but I'd check out these locations. Blackburn Point bridge is a popular place to shore fish, just be aware that FWC is there too. There are flats on the way to Lido Key, which is north of Siesta Key. The area around Point of Rocks is popular too.

    CB Outfitters, usually has fishing reports as well.

  • BOBPABOBPA Posts: 5 Greenhorn

    Thanks all.
    Staying in Siesta Key right across from CB's

  • Knotty BoyKnotty Boy Posts: 12 Greenhorn

    Point of Rocks on the south end of Crescent beach right there on Siesta Key

  • BOBPABOBPA Posts: 5 Greenhorn

    Thanks for all the replies. Be down two weeks from Sat. for 10 days. Can't wait.
    Winter here in Central PA is bad. Rain now, turning to snow later tonight. 1-2 Inches.
    Snow on Sunday.

  • lukkyracerlukkyracer Posts: 691 Officer

    Don't get to exited. Tough winter fishing here too

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