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Hey guys im in the market for a new 8wt fly rod, I love the sage motive but i was also looking at the vapen. Has any one thrown it and can give me an idea of how fast of a rod it is? I typically like faster rods


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    my favorite 8wt is an old sage made from lll it new in the 90s...the motive is IIIe it may be a little faster action then mine?
    about 6 years ago I had a vapen at that time it was the fastest fly rod I've ever owned..I don't like fast action rods..I lean told mod/fast to mod and now use fiberglass s2 (fenglass /buttersticks) these are very forgiving and I can fish lighter lines an shock leaders also the fish fight and feel is great
    anyway I seen vapens on sierra trading post at a good deal.. pick one up fish it if you don't like it send it back
    the only way you can decide which rod is best for you is to cast it/fish it
    a sage rod will last you a lifetime..but the warranty takes longer and cost more to replace then a redington
    sage rods are one of the best quality rods out there..
    you might want to find a good used sage fast action rod and keep it.. salt HD or the X
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    Check out the Thomas and Thomas Exocett. I spent 3 months looking for a new rod last fall. It and the meridian ended up the last 2. The Exocett won the race side by side when I tied on a heavy slider then cast them.

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  • noelg11892noelg11892 Posts: 199 Deckhand

    So i ended up splurging and going for the motive and i dont regret it at all. the thing throws lasers

  • jordinejordine flPosts: 18 Greenhorn
    Nice choice. To me, Motive has more flex than the Redington Predator.

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