Twin Vee 22' Bay Cat

DropsalotDropsalot Posts: 9 Greenhorn
Anyone have actual experience on this boat? Thoughts/opinions?


  • smooth movesmooth move Posts: 434 Deckhand
    buddy has a 26 twin vee. very stable boat. he's got twin 150 Merc's. handles well. only problem i've had in it is that the deck is slippery, needs to be refinished with some type of non skid.
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  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,700 Moderator
    A number of years ago a seasonal good friend asked me to look for a boat that would fish shallow and offshore weather permitting. Well the boat i found was a Twinn Vee 20 ft. boat with twin 90HP. zuks . It was at the factory on the east coast the boat was a trade in on a bigger Twinn Vee I took it for a test run gave him a call and told him it was a solid performer. So he says then buy it!! Wait don,t you want to take it for a test run, nope if you say it is as advertised OK then. Bought it brought back to Cape Coral<,one modification i did make or have done was a one ft. high rail around the boat for added offshore safety in rough seas offshore. Before most of his fishing was inshore now it is 90 percent offshore. Is it a perfect boat no ,it does have issues. It can be wet ,it does sneeze, very little storage.
  • DropsalotDropsalot Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the responses. I currently have an older 22' twin vee with two engines that I have had for 17 years...great boat. Thinking of trading for a newer single engine 22' bay cat and just wondering how people like them.
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