Silver Trout fishing off of John's Pass

In the winter we used to catch Silver Trout off Madeira and Redington Beach within a mile of the beach. I have not really tried but has anyone had any luck recently? I have not heard any reports for a long time. Any one know where they are?


  • GulfCoast1102GulfCoast1102 Posts: 51 Greenhorn
    Purely semantics, and I'm in no way picking on you, but the fish you're most likely referring to is the "sand sea trout", often shortened to "sand trout". The "silver trout" gets a bit bigger than the sand trout, and they're normally a bit deeper water fish. I've caught a few silver trout, sometimes called "gulf trout" in 60-70 feet of water, and they hit so hard I thought for sure I'd hooked a snapper. The ones I caught were 24-26 inches in length, and weighed around 3-4 pounds. Google "3 trout species of the Gulf of Mexico" if you're interested.
  • junglejimjunglejim Posts: 60 Greenhorn
    Hi GulfCoast1102 ,
    I've lived her since I was a kid and cannot figure out what kind of trout you are catching in 60-70 Ft 24-24 inches . Any pics of those. Just curious since I am also a diver. What part of Florida are you catching these? Time of year?
    Anyone else hear of these?
  • Mako224Mako224 Posts: 428 Deckhand
    I catch them at the markers on sabiki rigs catching pin fish. Most of the time with chum in the water
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