Crystal River/Homosassa Snapper, Grouper and Sheepshead

Sorry haven’t posted in a while I went a couple times last month before the cold fronts so the snapper and sheepshead werent piled up just yet. I’m sure they are getting thicker everyday though. I post the videos to my channel much faster than I do on here so subscribe to my channel to watch them up to date.
We made a run offshore with doc from homosassa starting at river haven. Got alot of smaller snapper and some small/medium gag and red grouper. Loaded up with Grunts and over a dozen good size snapper. Current was way to strong to free line live shrimp so we used shrimp an pinfish on the bottom. Ran out deeper for a short period and hooked a few big ajs before heading back. Have to head back early to launch the boat so we didn’t fish for long out there. Still a fun trip, thanks again doc.
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Started at the reef in crystal river 30ft, got several good snapper and a monster sheepshead 24” then started catching nothing but baby grouper. Moved around to find more baby grouper. Kept adding one more snapper to the box here and there. Bigger snapper were higher off the bottom and sometimes on cut threadfin. Now that we’ve had a few cold fronts I’m sure it’s getting a lot better out there.
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