Blood Tracking Lights - Tested and Proven to follow blood trails

Two Modes:
- Blood Tracking Mode
- Illumination Mode

- Flood feature for illuminating large, nearby area
- Zoom feature to shine 100 yards or greater
- Handheld flashlight, runs on 3x AAA batteries or 1x Lithium Ion battery

Order here, comes with free two day shipping:


  • GeetchGeetch Posts: 78 Greenhorn
    Wish a moderator would block this guy or at least make him pay for a site sponsorship.
  • GigUmGigUm Posts: 61 Greenhorn
    This is the classifieds section, I was not aware you are not allowed to sell products in the classifieds section. Please send me information for site sponsorship if that is what is required.

    Happy New Year.
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