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Offshore (preferably) or backcountry for SIX people end of Jan in KEY WEST

Hey all! Happy New Years Eve to all!

My fiance and I are getting married on the 27th of January in Key West! Woohoo!

Her family is coming in early, and on Thursday Jan 25th, 6 of us would like to go Offshore if possible for a 3/4 day evening trip.

I've fished with Dream Catchers, and while their boats were top notch, I felt like I was on their time, not mine, and wasn't very happy with the capt. We've also fished with Dave Irwin (DNA, Key West Pro Guides) and had a fantastic time, but his boat isn't fixed since IRMA and i'm not sure it would suit 6 people well.

I know 6 is the max for charter, so I would imagine we would need a larger boat to fit all of us with room to fish.

From what i've read, January isn't the best for offshore; i don't think they'd want to catch YT or grunts etc. Are the large fish out there end of Jan?

Finally, any suggestions as to a great capt with a large boat?



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