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Grouper search produces nice mango

Had to replace the raw pump this am and crew arriving to work on dock. Got out midday and went on a search for more grouper spots. Going to make a couple last minute trips before the closure. Idled and drifted a couple areas before anchoring and finally set up on a good looking spot. Worked this area and pulled anchor 4 times trying to get in the perfect spot. If was hard work all day bait stealers when trying to get some livies and anchored boat was swaying over a 5’ ledge. This caused several rock ups and cut offs. Worked at it all afternoon got a couple short blacks and small YTs. Found some good areas on the sounder but never that big grouper. All of the work did pay off with my biggest mangrove that came in at 21”.
Maybe tomorrow - tight lines

Great afternoon fishing in Marathon

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