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Grouper Bite continues - Dec 26

Finally got our internet fixed, so had to catch up on some other work most of the day. Got out on the reef about 3pm with no live bait and little dead bait. Got anchored and set the chicken rig down to get some live bait. Crafty bait stealers at this spot made it difficult so I put a dead horse hoo on the bottom rod. My chicken rig has something big on and I am thinking a shark came and ate a grunt I hooked. I battle it to the surface and it turns out to be a 20” black grouper that I release back to the bottom. Continue to work at the live bait and finally pull up a couple grunts. Replace dead bait with a grunt and send it to the bottom. Next drop on the chicken rig I get another hard fighting fish and put a nice mango in the box. Just as I set up for another drop the bottom rod looks like it has a nervous fish so I grab the handle and get ready. As I give it a couple cranks to get it off the bottom at the same time it gets slammed. I reel fast and think that I got this one beat when all the sudden it is pulling drag. Up to max drag and cranking hard I get it turned and into the box goes a nice 29” grouper. When at the cleaning table I notice some naw-bite marks, I think a goliath tried to eat it. Next drop is with a new slow pitch rig to try out. Second drop – fish on and I get a mutton to add to the box. Not big but 17” is legal and good eating. With still some work to finish I head back in.
It has been a great few days and the grouper bite is hot.

Another Great Day of Fishing in Marathon

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