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Trolling questions

Hey guys, so iv been fishing inshore and catching a decent amount of trout and juvi groupers. I wanna go for their big brothers, i know trolling the ditch works but i was thinking whats stopping me from trolling along the skyway rock piles, is this a practice people use? also have the kingfish been around egmont at all latley or did they move on already?


  • suprastevesuprasteve Posts: 187 Deckhand
    My initial thoughts would be that you are trying to troll much shallower (like 10'-15') which will increase how often you get hung up on the rocks. You also have to compete with everyone on the fishing pier, both crossed lines and fishing pressure. Lots of boats around catching bait too. For those reasons, I don't think it's going to be stellar, but nothing stopping you.
    Haven't really tried for kings this year, but water temps were upper 60's offshore this weekend. If there still are kings around, jump on it quickly before it gets any colder.
  • TerraCeiaDoradoTerraCeiaDorado Posts: 35 Deckhand
    Today there were Kings 7mi west of egmont so thick I couldn’t get a bottom bait down. I didn’t want to pull anchor and didn’t have wire to freeline baits so I chummed them up them pitched trolling plugs
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