Killed by her dogs

These dogs scare me more that the other "wildlife" running the streets. Every dog shelter is full of them. Why do people have a need to own a vicious dog. I love dogs and feel sorry for all of them but this epidemic must be stopped. It's every other day that I read of another attack.


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    Sounds like the two got into a fight and she tried to stop it.
    Also (to me) seems like she didn't have very good control over her dogs.
    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
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    Very sad story but I think pit bulls have a very bad rap out there. Our experience with them in owning pit mixes is that they are very sweet dogs. They have a lot of potential to hurt but they are not usually aggressive. Now if they are conditioned to fight then they can do a world of damage owing to their size and strength but I don't think they are normally this way.
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    ferris1248 wrote: »
    The only way you're going to "control" 2 rogue pit bulls is put a bullet in their head.

    Sadly I now have to agree with this. I had Staff's for over 15 years back in the 70-80's. Something has gone wrong for sure. Breeding, inept owners - something - but the attacks are constant. I loved our dogs. Sheeba & Butch were both loving and very protective of our family. Now a son has one and a 5 year old daughter and I'm scared to death over it.
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    Saltygatorvet may have comments on this subject. He has had favorable experiences with the breed. So have I to a limited degree, but totally NON FAVORABLE!

    Back when I was younger and even up until not too many years ago I did a fair amount of hog and bear hunting with dogs up home in the Mountains with friends and old schoolmates---didn't have dogs of my own in recent years. (Can't hunt bears with dogs in Georgia any longer, but still can in North Carolina---I think!) We always used Plotts and Airedales both of which are outstanding catch dogs and highly intelligent. Very, very rarely was a pit bull used. This breed cannot be controlled, and will turn on the other catch dogs when things get critical with a hemmed up bear or big boar. Last catch situation I was involved in, back in 2003 or 2004, one of the two friends who had dogs involved had a pit bull recently traded for, and when the catch situation came down and got critical (big boar) the pit bull did just that---turned on a Plott involved savagely. The owner killed it on the spot with his 1911. I don't want one around my place under any circumstances. On the other side of this issue, I've never seen an Airedale that didn't have an IQ of at least 150! Wish to hell that I had a spayed female right now! This breed makes an outstanding family dog. Deer in the row crops would not be a problem if I had one!
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    My grandparents had Airedales and we loved them. Great dogs for sure, woodrunner.
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    (Can't hunt bears with dogs in Georgia any longer, but still can in North Carolina---I think!)

    Dog hunting for bear is still legal in South Ga. except for 2 counties (Lowndes and Laneir).
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    I've only been attacked once by a dog and it was a pitbull, whilst out was out walking my blue tick. It was quite the experience. Thankfully no injuries but a couple of good holes in my sweatshirt where the dog was trying to jump up and bite me. I'm sure some pitbulls are great dogs but its one of the few breeds I don't ever trust.
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    I'm with you, ferris!
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    Me too! ..... and I grew up with 5 Doberman, I could put my head on their chest and take a nap. We had one white pit bull and that dog snapped at me once. Took the dog to the vet. He had worms. That was one crazy dog! Hah ha! He would eat lit firecrackers! No lie.
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    Pits and pit mixes are no good. No way, no how. Would never own one and actively encourage others I know to never get one. Don’t care who that offends. No pits/mixes...Period.
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    What exactly is a pit bull? I know what a I call a pit when when I see one...but i’m Not sure I know what one is. It is not an American bulldog, or a bull terrier, or a Staffordshire terrier. What does it take to get a “pit”?
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    Another one was killed in KY by 2 pitbulls. A woman & her husband were attacked the woman died.
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