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Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi 12 December 2017

Too pretty of a day to pass up. Had 4 guys to go and 2 bailed so 2 of us went. Not wise with my shoulder in recovery.
Headed towards the marathon hump, scattered weeds about 12 miles from the reef, picked up a Mahi. Got to the hump small tuna everywhere, collected a couple of handfuls and headed to the reef for HS Wahoo.
Trolled for about 1 hour when 2 rods go off, crap a double. Bob fights the first one while I slow the 2nd one down by slightly increasing drag. Bob loses the 1st one and takes on the 2nd one, by now he is way out.
Get him to the boat with the intent of Bob grabbing the leader and putting the rod in a holder, not to be, fish is still green. I try to wrap the leader with my good arm but can't grab the tail with my hurt arm. Get him on the deck instead of in the cooler and he goes ballistic. Turns out he hit so hard he had the hook 4 inches down his throat which allowed him to chomp through 480lb cable!
Great day.
John :USA
2006 38 Luhrs IPS600, A true 38, the only one made with IPS!
2001 23 Parker



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