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Good Deeds pay off...good day at the pipe 12/19/17

Big brother is in town for a couple days so being the awesome person I am, I decided to blow off work for a couple days.

Went out for a boat ride last night and coming out of my canal there was a pelican that was so wrapped in line he couldn't even open one wing. After chasing him around looking like maniacs for 20 minutes we finally got him, snipped all the line off and away he goes. Good deed #1...

Get out early this morning. VERY FOGGY. Get bait and start heading out. Big dead something... Thought it was a manatee. Called my buddy that works for fish and wildlife and told him there was a dead manatee. Went back to get him some coordinates and it turned out to be a big turtle. Still sent him the info, good deed # 2....

Then off we go into the fog. 30+ miles later we get to our spot, anchor up and start fishing. Wasn't stellar but couple small lanes and a nice 24" red grouper go in the box. Go to the next spot. ARS everywhere. Fished those for an hour or so and once everyone got their fill of the endangered species went to spot # 3... then the fun started.

Chummed like crazy. No ARS or at least very few at this spot. Tide started off running kind or northwest but finally settled in going more southerly. Then it was game on. 2 really nice gags go in the box. Rare to catch gags at this spot but who am I to argue. Then the mangos came out to play. It was non stop nice mangos for over an hour. Ended up throwing back many 16-18" because we had too many bigger ones.

Turned out to be a great day. Most of the fish were caught on white bait. 3/8 oz jig with long 20 lb flouro leaders. One gag for sure was caught on a big chunk of fresh dead grunt. The other one ate two of the offerings on the bottom and came up on two hooks.

Great day....

Now I have to do it all again tomorrow...Rough life.

Tight lines...
In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013


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