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12/21/17 Slicked out december day fishing in the gulf - macks, triples, tarpon, saws!

Great day with Duane, Diana, and their grandson Gilly. Gilly lives down here and the grandfolks were in town visiting. We had a great day catching a lot of Spanish mackerel and various snappers on the early falling tide in the gulf. Looked for tripletails after that didn't see a whole bunch but found a few and we caught a couple, nothing huge but fun for something different. We checked a couple spots for tarpon since it was slicked out calm, warm, and the type of day where they can show up even in mid Winter. First stop no luck we didn't see much. But the second stop we started seeing fish laid up right away! The tide had just started coming in, bringing some nice slightly warmer water into the area. With overall chilly water it wasn't a red hot bite but we caught a few blacktip sharks, then got a nice 100 lb tarpon after about 45 minutes! Great fight but unfortunately when we had him on the leader we pulled the hook before we could get any pictures. After that we hooked and landed 3 sawfish in a row! Incredible! Was hoping a few cobias might pop up on them but didn't see any. Anyways a great spring-like day in mid December. Tarpon may stick around until it gets cold again, might try it again tomorrow!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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