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Pompano Beach 15 December 2017

Pompano Bch - 15 Dec 2017 - The beach was like a lake as the waves were so flat that I was able to launch without getting wet above my shins. Shoved off at 515am and bait was abundant and the live well was sabikied full of goggle eyes by 6am. Conditions looked promising, lots of schools of bait, weed lines, current breaks and some birds working. I had high hopes to connect with a stripped speed demon as I had heard there were a few hoos around. Instead I found Mr. Barracuda :).

Over half my baits were side swiped by Mr. Barracuda.

I did have one prolonged battle with a bigger fish hooked on a live speedo, but it ended in an escape before I could see what it was (most likely a shark). Even the one legal king mackerel that I hooked, did not make it to the kayak without a visit from the reef varment Cudas.

Cudas are steady action, but a catch and release for me. I wanted something to eat, so I headed out deeper to hopefully jig up something of a higher table fare.

Vertical jigging was slow and the current was strong, but I did have luck on my surface flylined goggle eye. The mahi made my day, as I now had something good for the BBQ :)

A couple hours later I connected with another nice mahi, but this time I got greedy and tried to bait one of the followers before landing the cow. The mahi pulled off and the followers split :(

Vertical jigging continued to be slow, and by 2 pm, I was tired of fighting the 2knots of Northerly current, so I called it a day and headed in.


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