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Strange psychic dog senses...

tankardtankard Posts: 7,030 Admiral
So Shady Lady, aka Princess, a Catahoula \ Walker hound mix, often accompanies me out and about, as there are a bunch of pubs with dog-friendly patios, and she loves all the attention.

One place we frequent is Loosey's downtown (Gainesville).

Loosey's also has a stage which we play quite often with one of my bands.

Most times, when I grab my music gear and start to load it up, she knows I'll be gone a while and can't take her with me....unless, like last Friday, we're playing at Looseys, then she whines and wants to go so bad it makes me sad to leave her but I can't keep track of her from the stage.

How in the hell does she know where I'm going? It's not like I was already there and smell like the place, and I am very careful not to say the word "Loosey's", because she knows that one (and many others).

Our fiddle player was at my house the other day and witnessed it firsthand, I was like...."See!! I'm not making this up!!"

Very strange...


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