Stradic FI handles (grips)



  • SmythleySmythley Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Ahha! I did not get one of the 6x8x10 bushings...
    I am working on a Stradic FI 4000.
    Now I just needn't I figure out how to get in touch with him, so I can get one of the bushings. Thanks for the help!
  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 329 Deckhand
    Where are you in Florida? Tampa/St Pete? I can spare you one.

    I see that he included the long bushing and one extra bearing so it will also fit the Stradic 2500 Fi also. Stradic 2500 Fi uses one 5x8x2.5 mm bearing instead of the long spacer to fill that void in the knob. That was in the latest shipment. That bushing was only available about a week ago.
  • SmythleySmythley Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Thanks for all the help!
    I'm actually up in VA...I read the Florida board because I am trying to put together a trip to come down that way for a week next year and fish. I'd like to just trailer my boat down and try and do a variety of fishing. I've never caught a tarpon, and that will be my goal.

    He (gomexus) messaged me back and said I didn't need a bushing. He said I just needed a 4x9x2.5 bearing out near where your bushing would go?
    I found the bushing on Amazon, but it looks like it ships from China so not sure when it may arrive...
  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 329 Deckhand
    What knob did you get? The above knob has an inside diameter of 8 mm so the 4x9x2.5 bearing makes no sense unless you went with a larger Type B knob. Take a picture of what you got and I can walk you thru it.
  • SmythleySmythley Posts: 6 Greenhorn
  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 329 Deckhand
    That's a big one. What size Stradic are you replacing?
  • SmythleySmythley Posts: 6 Greenhorn's too big! It's going on a 4000.
    What size have you got on yours?
  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 329 Deckhand
    35 mm
  • krashkrash Posts: 587 Officer
    Wow, this is quite a thread.. I'm haveing same issue have (2) 300 FI and (2) 4000 FI all with dissentagrating handle knobs... started a search and came across this thread right here at home. I see several post about what might have caused it, but in my case I take pretty good care of my reels, never use sunscreen, WD40, soap, or any other chemical.. and the only time the reels are in the sunlight are when they are in use other than that they are stored in the garage. None of this matters I just want to replace the knobs with something that will work. I've been using Shimanos mainly as light setups 4000/3000/2500's have several Stradic Fg's, a couple Symetre, several Sahara's, and a couple Spheros reels and all still work well.

    I read thru this post and as "Abys" posted back in 12/2015 "Hate to think someone will find this thread some day and read through 7 pages of this BS only to find a dead end"

    Now I'm kind of depressed with Shimano's answer to this issue. I contacted shimano support, via emal, and their response was less than impressive. They do not stock these parts as the reel is discontinued and suggested I search for parts elsewhere.

    A few post suggest that the knob from a Ci4 along with the end cap shoudl fit, but then there are contradictory post saying they don;t fit.

    Does or has anyone found a replacement, not the gaudy aluminum ball, that will work on the Stradic FI ?

    I have come across a couple replacement parts vendors who have direct replacement parts for $20.00 but they appear to be the same material as the original. Why set myself up for failure in another year or 2 ?
    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
  • eb1326eb1326 Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    I am done with Shimano due to this issue.  Too many other good quality, less expensive options out there to have to deal with a company that does not back up their mis-engineered products.  I have 4 Stradic FIs rotting in my garage because the knobs have disintegrated.  I live in NY - do not use sunscreen, WD40, Gulp. This is simply a bad product not backed by the producer.

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