First sail

Went out today outta government cut looking for the first sails of the season. Water was really dirty out front so headed south. Ended up finding so clean water in 200 ft south of fowey rocks. Get the spread out and start waiting. And waiting. Worked around from 100-350 ft with alotta life but no fish. Finally get bit on the left long gog and end with a 7 lb fin. Pull in the baits and went a little further south trying to get some muttons with no luck. We kept getting bit off mostl likely by sharks. Start heading back north and see a bunch of birds working a rip in 150 just south of fowey again. Put the spread back out and after 15 mins get bit on the right long, sailfish! After a good 10 min fight we got her in to close out a good day. Maybe this front coming in this weekend will turn the fish on.


  • twelch2408twelch2408 Hollywood, FLPosts: 167 Deckhand
    Nice job of sticking with the plan. It usually works out. Water was dirty off of PE yesterday out to 4-5 hundred feet but still saw a lot of free jumpers around 200 ft.
  • pjepje Orlando , FlPosts: 663 Officer
    Nice ..Thanks for the report
  • Plastered2850Plastered2850 Posts: 1,585 Captain
    The bite should really turn on with this front.
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