Need a fishing partner

I'll be in Stuart Dec.10-16 and hoping for someone with a boat to go inshore fishing for snook, sheephead, or spanish nearshore. I was down last three years with my boat but without one this time. I will buy fuel,bait and help clean boat. Have all equipment.


  • saltwater1saltwater1 Posts: 35 Deckhand
    Do much for southern hospitality. Perhaps the influx of Yankees has corrupted y’all
  • BayHunterFLBayHunterFL Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    I don't think many of us are fishing inshore with the current water quality, or lack thereof. It's as bad as I've seen it.

    I won't be on the water that week but hopefully you can find somebody that will.
  • EasternGlowEasternGlow Posts: 73 Deckhand
    Consider booking a charter. Not sure everyone is willing to have some random person on their boat. No one is expected to do that.
  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 106 Deckhand
    My mother taught me to never talk with strangers let alone fish with them....
  • Osprey45Osprey45 FT Pierce/ Boonton Twp NJPosts: 991 Officer
    I will be down next week and fishing, I was going to invite you once I had a schedule worked out, but since I am a yankee sorry dude
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